• Elise Dottrens

3 reasons why Carola Rakete is an absolute badass and needs to be set free

1. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nautical Science and Maritime Transport and a Masters in Conservation Management. Later on, with her experience, she passed her captain's license. How cool is that ? She can literally manage any boat ever and take it anywhere. Plus, she made it despite it being a thoroughly manly environment. How many women boat captain can you name ?

2. She used her navigating skills to conduct research expeditions in the Arctic, the Antarctic, in the Russian Far East and with Greenpeace as well. Did you ever dream of becoming an explorer ? Well, she is one.

3. Since June 2019, she is the captain of the Sea Watch III, which rescues refugees in the Mediterranean. On 29th June, she overran the ban of the boat in the port of Lampedusa because the situation on her ship was becoming critical. The refugees starting being in an urgent state of necessity and were threatening to kill themselves. And she docked it like a boss, ramming a police boat who was trying to stop her. After docking, she has been arrested by the police and is still waiting for judgment.

Carola Rakete needs to be set free ! You can sign the petition right here :


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