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ROWENNA BOOK CLUB: The War on Women by Sue Lloyd-Roberts

Did you know: In Egypt, 91% of women have undergone FGM ? In India, 30% of girls are being married under the age of 18 ?

Women working full time still earn almost 5000£ a year less than men, though the pay gap in some jobs is 3 times higher ? 

There are some books you just can’t put back down once you’ve opened it. It seems that you never get enough information, that you always want to know what happens next. Well, this one is NOT one of those. You will have to put it down at some point. But the only reason you will is to be able to register some informations given. Because it’s heavy. It’s violent. It’s shocking.  «The War on Women» , published in 2016, happens to be Sue Lloyd Roberts last work. She even died of a leukemia before being able to finish the last chapter. It’s her daughter, Sarah Morris, who finished it for her. Morris states how it was living with the author as a mother, always travelling, eager to learn and discover always more. « As a thirty-something woman myself, married and thinking about starting my own family, I feel incredibly lucky to have my mother’s example to follow. Far from feeling deprived of attention, watching her travel the world and exposing injustices made me feel empowered that I can achieve anything. »

The biggest challenge Sue Lloyd Roberts faced when she wrote her book was to see but not act. Very early in her career, she specialized in human and women rights and was able to show what other journalists couldn’t. 

Can you be a journalist and an activist at the same time ? If the journalist job is all about showing only, where is the line not to be crossed when you can not avoid judging what you see ? Answer with your thoughts and opinions in the comment box or by sharing it with the hashtag #rowennabookclub

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